Man held under water for 30 minutes so dolphins could take selfies with him

A group of dolphins have dragged a sunbather underwater for 30 minutes so that they could take selfies with him.

Donald RedBelly was sunning himself at Whitmore Bay when a group of passing dolphins came onshore and dragged him out to sea. They held him under the water for 30 minutes so that all the dolphins could get their selfies done with him.

Eyewitness Jilly FiveBellies told WalesOnCraic:

“There he was, just minding his own business when all of a sudden, this large group of thugs came along and just dragged him out to sea. I thought dolphins were supposed to be friendly, intelligent creatures but they just kept him underwater for over half an hour. I know it was more than half an hour because I was able to watch a whole episode of Coronation Street on my phone by the time he was dragged back out of the water.”

Ambulance crews managed to pull Mr RedBelly from the water but he remains in a messed-up state in hospital.

One paramedic said:

“He’s not in a good way but at least the dolphins have got something that they can put on Facebook.”

The dolphins were last seen heading back out to sea.

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