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News At Ten to be extended by 10 minutes every time Robert Peston speaks

WalesOnCraic has learnt from a reliable source within the higher echelons of ITV that the News at Ten is to be extended by 10 minutes, every time Robert Peston is to speak on a vital political news story.

Speaking to our Media Correspondent, Marcia Grungetwat, it seems that since Robert Peston joined them from the BBC, ITV have had to cancel news stories when Robert Peston is being interviewed live on air by anchor frontman, Tom Bradby.

ITV News at Ten fan, Garth Morgan from Wrexham said:

“I was listening to a news story about the EU negotiations and I could see Tom Bradby was struggling to keep his eyes open as Peston was speaking in his normal manner. One word at a time, emphasising every word. Even the word ‘and’ or ‘the’. Peston was talking on and on and on and after 3 minutes, I had forgotten what he was talking about. I was even contemplating ringing the Samaritans, but I didn’t have their phone number.”

It seems ITV contemplated recording Robert Peston’s live studio interviews and then speed up the recording to make it look like he was speaking at the normal speed that most people speak. But they were caught out as Tom Bradby sounded like Mickey Mouse on a helium overdose.

ITV top executives were most concerned that Peston’s interviews meant they lost stories like the two-headed duck that went everywhere on a skateboard and the true life story of Boris Johnson’s hairdresser spilling the beans on what Boris talks about when having his hair cut.

After a lot of thought, the MD of ITV made the executive decision of extending News at Ten by 10 minutes, so that Peston and the true life stories were all reported.

Claire Bingoflaps, the admin of the Facebook group, “The Robert Peston Fan Club” said:

“We are all pleased with this decision.”

It took Claire 3 minutes to make her comment.

The extended News at Ten starts, next Monday, at 10pm.

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