M4 to be extended to Ireland

The M4 motorway is to be extended westwards by about 100 miles to Ireland.

The new road will allow Irish people to directly come to Wales to learn how to play rugby properly.

A spokeswoman for the Senedd told WalesOnCraic:

“The Irish have been asking us for years if we can show them how to play rugby properly and we were always telling them to get on a ferry and come on over. But we found a bit of extra money in the kitty last week so we thought we’d extend the M4 westwards so that they can come directly to us. At present, the M4 comes to a disappointing end at a small service station at Pont Abraham. We’d like to see the M4 come to a glorious finish somewhere off the coast of Ireland – hopefully alongside a pub with one of those bands playing inside. I’d like that.”

Irish rugby clubs have welcomed the announcement. Gerry O’Whathisname, head of the National Rugby Committee said:

“We’ve been lucky a few times over the years and have gotten away with a Grand Slam here and a Grand Slam here. But we know that it was all just luck. We’re looking forward to learning how to go it properly from our Welsh cousins over this new bridge.”

Photo by Marcus Christensen from Pexels

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