Cardiff becomes ‘Rorke’s Drift’ as surrounding areas lockdown

Residents of Cardiff have told WalesOnCraic that they are adopting a ‘Zulu’ mentality at their surrounding COVID lockdown boroughs.

Cardiffians say that they are prepared to sing ‘Men of Harlech’ and fight off visitors from neighbouring COVID-ridden boroughs.

One residents said:

“We’re trapped. But we’ve got lads who can sing. We’ve got a great bass section. Can’t you see their spear points gleaming? We’re prepared to go down fighting if we need to. The only thing we’re missing is Michael Caine but that’s ok. We’ll get by without him.”

Cardiff’s inhabitants have effectively become trapped with neighbouring boroughs in lockdown. Some are offering passages to safety via the Bristol Channel but others say that they want to stay put.

“We’re calling this the new Rorke’s Drift,” said one resident. “I’m calling it that because I like to be dramatic.”

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