Shop for headless people opens in Swansea

A new shop aiming to sell high fashion to headless people has opened in Swansea.

Necks is targeting the head in the clouds market…literally. With specialist lines of high quality clothing the new store in the city centre is already turning heads with its catchy window display.

Owner of Necks, Ed Less, said that he is targeting the French aristocracy circa the time of the French Revolution, Mr Less added:

“I saw a film all about the French Revolution and it struck me that here we have a section of the population who have no heads but a very large disposable income.

“The beauty of my idea is that these people will need help selecting outfits on account that they no longer have heads.

“That is where we come in. We will do all the head work for them! We wont to become the brand on every headless – or shoulder high as we like to term them – person’s lips.”

Mr Less, whose previous business venture providing Jacuzzis for fish failed miserably, admitted that he has had to shelve plans for a range of hats in his new store due to technical difficulties.

One satisfied customer said:

“I bought a beautiful feather boa and was running around like a headless chicken!”

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