Lorry restricted to 53mph overtakes lorry restricted to 53mph

A lorry that is restricted to 53mph has successfully overtaken another lorry that is restricted to 53mph.

The lorry overtook the other lorry between Pont Abraham and Newport.

The driver of the overtaken lorry told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d just joined the motorway at Pont Abraham and I was eating a tuna sandwich that I’d bought there and I looked in my side mirror to see this other lorry pull out to overtake me. I watched in amazement as he sat there on the outside lane for two hours as he tried to overtake me. We had a chat about the weather and about Brexit and we even got onto the subject of Antiques Roadshow. Of course, there was a lot of traffic behind us but that was ok because we didn’t give a shit.”

The second lorry driver finally overtook the first driver 60 miles down the motorway.

“I did it! I did it! My mam will be so proud,” he said.

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