Labour councillor claims he had to sit on roof of a Valleys Line train

A Labour councillor has claimed that he had to travel into Cardiff sat on the roof of his train.

Karl Marks from Aberoverbythere got members of his staff to film the event so that he could press his case for nationalising the railways.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Our trains are normally very crowded but I think that there was a sale on in Next on this particular day. My usual seat was taken and the conductor was very rude and told me that I either sat on the roof with the others or that I could go play with myself. As I’d already played with myself before I left the house, I had no choice but to climb on the roof. To be perfectly honest, it was quite nice up there – the view was great and I got plenty of fresh air. The only problem I encountered was when I got a seagull in my face. I got my guys to film it so that we could make the case for bringing back British Rail.”

The conductor of the train said:

“Not sure what he was on about to be honest but the train was empty inside.”

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