John Inverdale warming up for Six Nations by talking about England to his dog

Sports pundit John Inverdale has been warming up for this year’s Six Nations tournament by talking the hind legs off his dog Timmy.

Inverdale has been watching England’s World Cup semi-final win over New Zealand since October. Timmy has been pretending to be listening but actually hasn’t.

His wife Glenda told WalesOnCraic:

“He usually likes to start talking about England mid-January but since England’s excellent run at last year’s World Cup, he’s been ever so excited. We taped England’s win over New Zealand so he’s been watching that since it actually happened. We don’t talk about the final, except to say that we were glad it was England and not Wales there. I’ve washed and ironed his England rugby jersey ready for next month and I’ve also put some Skol in the fridge ready for the first game.”

Inverdale, who was rumoured to have changed his surname to England-dale two years ago, will be hoping that his team can do better than they did in last year’s Six Nations.

“I hopes they does better than they did in last year’s Six Nations,” he told someone down the pub yesterday.

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