Irish ‘weather balloon’ spotted over Welsh training camp


An so-called Irish weather balloon has been spotted over the Welsh rugby team’s training camp.

The Welsh security services are planning on shooting down the balloon with a Nerf gun.

A spokewoman for the Welsh government told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve seen these sort of shennans before from the Irish. They’re always trying to see what we’ve got up our sleeve. Last year, they had cameras installed in cows’ arses in the field next to where our lads were training. The year before that, they had a mysterious ‘water boy’ sporting a fake moustache and glasses who’d keep asking Ken [Owens] what his lineout codes were. We’re wise to it this year, especially with Gatland back on board. The balloon is obviously a spy balloon because we can see it’s got a big camera and microphone dangling off the end of it. We’ll be summoning the Irish ambassador to our embassy…what’s that? We don’t have one? Oh.”

The Irish have apologised for the balloon, saying it was just a weather balloon that he drifted off-course.

“Tis a weather balloon, to be sure, to be sure,” said the man from their Espionage Department.

Image: Commons Creative

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