Husband tries ‘four minute warning’ trick to try and get his leg over

Following the increasing tension between the USA and North Korea, a man from Maesteg has tried to woo his wife into bed for a quicky with the old four minute warning trick. With the threat of World War 3 looming, he reckoned it would be his last chance of making love to her.

Derek Dongle told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d tried the romantic stuff. I bought her flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s day and I took her out for a meal on her birthday and got bugger all in return. This time I had it all planned. I’d taken a shower and splashed on the Brut. She was in the bedroom watching Britain’s Got Talent so I rushed upstairs shouting ‘the atom bomb is coming we’re going to be nuked, we’ve only got four minutes left so let’s do it’. Unfortunately she’d been watching those friggin mind readers and she knew it was a trick, so that was the end of that.”

Wife Ann said:

“It will take more than Armageddon to persuade me to do it with him. Anyway the last time it happened it only took two minutes so I’m wondering what he had in mind this time.”

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