Dead builder remembered only through paint he spilt in 1987

A builder who died last month has been remembered only through a tin of paint he spilt in twenty years ago.

Boring Dennis ‘Dennis’ Dennison spilt the paint in 1987 and at his funeral, friends and family struggled to think of anything else to remember him by.

Son Dennis Jr. told WalesOnCraic:

“Dad was a pretty boring guy to be honest. He’d come home from work, have his tea, watch telly and then go to bed. On weekends, he’d keep himself to himself, maybe watch some more telly and then go down the pub for a bit. His was a fairly forgettable life. At his funeral last week, we struggled to come up with memories of him. All everyone could talk about was the tin of paint his spilt in 1987. It was a big deal back then – even the local newspaper featured it on their front page. Dad was struggling to get stuff out of his van when he dropped the tin and it splashed all over the floor. To make things worse, passing traffic drove through it and made it look even worse. Dad was a celebrity for that week but after that, he disappeared back into obscurity and that was that. The paint is still on the road more than 20 years later and is a lasting memorial to the day he dropped a tin of paint.”

Wife Glenda said:

“It was a tin of Dulux white gloss. I remember it well because he came home from work and said that he’d dropped a tin of Dulux white gloss. That’s pretty much all I remember about him to be honest.”

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