This Welsh village has declared today a BONK holiday

A randy Welsh village has declared today a national Bonk Holiday.

Residents from Cwm-In-My-Pants have decided to spend the day bonking each other instead of watching crap on the telly.

Jane RandyFlaps, Chair of the Residents Association said:

“We’re fed up with watching Ben Hur and Walking in the Rain on the telly every Easter. We’re all open-minded here at Cwm-In-My-Pants so we thought we’d do something different this year. Residents have adopted an ‘open front door’ policy with their front doors so we can all come and go wherever and whenever we want. Eric has opened up the Church Hall to those who want a bit of publicity and Mrs Goggins, who is taking care of light refreshments, has made a large batch of egg sandwiches and squash. We’re all heading down the Albert later for a bit of a knees up and to catch up on the day’s events. We’re hoping it’s going to be a great success and if it is, we’ll be looking to run another one next year.”

Resident Johnny Fidget said:

“I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been wanting to hang off the back of Mrs Dewsbury over the road since she moved in last June. It’ll be a day to remember and it’ll really bring the community closer together.”

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