Husband pleases wife by buttering her toast to the edges

A man from Tonyrefail has spoken publicly about how he pleases his wife by buttering her toast to the edges.

Bernie Longstride, 38, said that his marriage to his wife was on the rocks until he started buttering her toast to the edges.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Our marriage was well and truly over. After 13 years of trying to make things work, I’d resigned myself to the fact that it was going nowhere. I’d packed my bags and had booked into a hotel. But just before I left the house, I made her some toast. Unlike previous times when I’d made toast, I buttered this toast to the edges. When I gave it to the missis, her eyes lit up. It was like we’d fallen in love all over again. She thanked me and within minutes, we were back in love again. She told me that she never thought that we’d get back together but here we are – ready to give things another go.”

Marriage counsellor Sheila Largecalves said:

“Buttering toast to the edges is one of the fundamental foundations of a happy marriage. This kind of stuff should be taught in schools.”

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