Hundreds admitted to hospital with sunburn

Hundreds of people across Wales have been admitted to hospital with sunburn.

Temperatures across the nation have reached a sizzling 9°C in some parts of the country where the sun hasn’t been seen for 3 months.

One woman, who was rushed to hospital with severe sunburn, told WalesOnCraic:

“I only went to put my bins out and when I got back in the house, my face was red like a baboon’s arse. I called an ambulance straight away and now I’m here in hospital, as you know. I’m hoping that my son Terry can bring in some magazines because the ones they’ve got here are from 1982. I was also given some lunch earlier but it was just a splodge of shit on a plate with sugar sprinkled over the top. I wish I’d never gone out to put the bins out now. I should have got Terry to do it. He’s a lazy so-and-so.”

Some parts of Wales have seen at least 40 minutes of sunshine, leaving experts to issue warnings.

“If you haven’t been out in the sun since last year, we strongly advise that you don’t go outside until the sun has gone. This usually occurs evening time.”

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