Prince Charles visit adds to flooded village woes

Prince Charles has heaped more misery on the flooded residents of the South Wales Valleys by announcing that he is visiting them on Friday.

Charles is taking the place of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is busy getting Brexit done.

One resident of Pentre told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been through enough without this cockwomble turning up and pulling stupid faces. I thought our man Boris would be here but I understand that he’s busy getting Brexit done so that’s ok. I just wonder why they felt the need to send Charlie boy. Couldn’t they had sent someone else. Like Elton John or something. He’s a nice chap. Or maybe someone from Coronation Street. I enjoy watching that most evenings.”

Prince Charles is expected to visit many of the flood-stricken areas and will be arriving on Royal Yacht Britannia, which has been brought out of retirement for the occasion.

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