Welsh fans call for 2020 Six Nations to be scrapped and started afresh next year

Rugby fans in Wales are calling for this year’s Six Nations to be abandoned and started again next year.

With results not going their way, Welsh fans say that the tournament should be knocked on the head and restarted next year.

One fan told WalesOnCraic:

“We can think of lots of reasons why it should be scrapped. There’s that coronavirus thing for starters. We don’t want to go getting that do we? Then there’s the fact that England might go on to win this year’s title and that really isn’t on. How dare they take the crown from us. It’s been really unfair this year – we’ve had all kinds of players off with bardies and stuff. The government should look into this sort of thing. We very nearly beat the English the other day – if only we’d had an extra ten minutes or so. I prefer it when we’re winning all our games and that so I think we should knock this year’s on the head and start all over again next year.”

Another fan added:

“That fella Marler should be banned too. Tickling AWJ’s bollocks like that. Who does he think he is? Only Welsh people are allowed to do that.”

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