Welsh pensioners embrace hot weather by undoing top button of duffle coats

Pensioners across Wales have embraced the recent warm weather by unbuttoning the top buttons of their duffle coats.

As temperatures soar into high figures, some gentlemen OAPs have even been spotted loosening their ties.

Old aged pensioner Ethel Haddock told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s been getting pretty hot around here lately and in weather like this, we need to think of our health. I’ve loosened the top button of my winter coat and my friend Enid down the road has opened her window slightly. She nearly turned her heating off to but I made her see sense.”

Another pensioner has also taken off their waistcoat. George Zimmerframe said:

“I was getting a bit sweaty and starting to smell of hot chicken soup so I’ve taken it off and will put it on when the sun goes down.”

Temperatures are expected to stay warm and make people’s bits sweaty.

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