Hot weather to continue until we get cooler weather

hot as arseholes

Weather experts have told WalesOnCraic that Wales can expect the hot weather to last ‘until it gets cooler’.

The current heatwave has seen a 2,000% rise in the cases of underboob sweat, prompting experts to make a statement.

Kelly Hotflaps told WalesOnCraic:

“We can expect this hot weather to continue until it gets cooler. We usually see a rise in temperatures during the summer months but Jeez, I’ve been sweating like a good’un. I was so hot earlier that I had to take off all my clothes in the office. Everyone loved it but I was a bit conscious of my back boobs because I’m not particularly happy about those.”

The heatwave has seen some parts of Wales recording temperatures experts would describe as ‘quite hot’.

“We expect this to last until things get a bit cooler,” said another expert, who didn’t want to be named because he’s claiming benefit.

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