Head & Shoulders launch Knees & Toes shampoo for dandruff ‘below the belt’

Cosmetic giant Procter and Gamble have launched a new shampoo for dandruff below the waistline.

Knees & Toes is expected to be used by those smelly people you see walking around naked in the changing rooms of the gym.

Product director ‘Flaky’ Frank Feltcher told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve pretty much mastered products for dandruff above the neck but we’ve always struggled to find a product that will help people with dandruff below the waistline. Our market research has told us that a large proportion of the population suffer from dandruff below the waistline so it was only right and proper that we focus on helping those people. Knees & Toes will be launching on Monday and is a shampoo for hair below the belt. We are hoping that it catches on pretty quickly, especially among those skanky people who walk around gym changing rooms on with absolutely nothing on and stand around talking about their latest shop in Tesco. We’ll be cascading out our conditioners within the next month to complete the set.”

User Sheila Snowflake said:

“I’ll be using this stuff all over. I often find that my muff flakes all over the place and this product looks ideal.”

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