Family queue for 9 hours to see double decker bus

A family of four have waited 9 hours to see a pink double decker bus in Cardiff.

Parents were rewarded with seeing clips of another My Little Pony movie and a plastic bag.

One mother said:

“My daughter thinks that she is actually a My Little Pony so it was clear that I was going to have to take her along to see this bus. I was hoping to get away with it but my big mouth twat of a husband went and told our daughter that the bus was coming to Cardiff. I could have punched him. I planned my entire day around going to see this frigging bus. We drove all the way down from the valleys to see it. We were there at 8am this morning and we got to get on the thing at 5pm. All we had as a reward was watching yet more My Little Pony on a screen and a crappy plastic bag full of stickers and shit. I’m not doing that again. My daughter can get into something else instead of frigging ponies.”

Organiser Pippa ‘Pinky Pie’ Pipsqeak said:

“There was a lot of demand to see our pink bus. Sadly, people could have saved themselves the bother by just looking at a normal double decker bus through squinty eyes to get the same effect.”

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