Fireman: grass fire arsonists are a bunch of sad twats

Firemen in South Wales have branded the arsonists who keep setting fire to Welsh mountains as ‘sad twats’.

The fire service has been at full stretch trying to put out fires that have been started deliberately in several Welsh valleys.

Fireman Sam Largehose told WalesOnCraic:

“So that’s their only contribution to life? Setting fire to some grass? Well done lads, your mam’s going to be so proud of you. Bunch of sad twats.”

But arsonist Billy NoMates was defiant, telling WalesOnCraic:

“It’s the government’s fault. They don’t provide me with anything to do up here. They don’t provide me with jobs to go to, not that I’d go if there were, and they don’t provide me with the stimulation that I need. Setting fire to grass makes me feel like a real man.”

Sam Largehose responded by telling saying:

“I’ll give the twat some stimulation when I stick this firehose up his arse. If you want to prove how much of a man you are, why don’t you come and put the effing things out?”

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