England target 4th spot in next year’s Six Nations


England will be targetting 4th spot in next year’s Six Nations after the current reigning champions’ latest bid went tits up.

Coach Eddie Jones is also rumoured to be eyeing up a new career as as sales assistant in Greggs following a disappointing run of games.

England’s head of boot polishing told WalesOnCraic:

“Well obviously the lads went out there today and Eddie told them obviously to enjoy themselves but then Owen banged his head and obviously he had to go off but all credit to the other team and obviously Eddie told them to go out there and they did and they tried to enjoy themselves but Ireland were too strong so they didn’t really enjoy themselves apart from that time that that that Irish fella got sent off but by then, we’d lost the game but obviously we’ll take the positives from the game, of which there were none, and move on to the next game so obviously yeah.”

England now head back to England to moan about the referee.

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