UK celebrates one year on since the sudden popularity of the word ‘unprecedented’

The UK is this week celebrating one whole year since the word ‘unprecedented’ went viral, causing unprecedented usage of the word ‘unprecedented’.

The unprecedented use of the word unprecedented was unprecedented in its use.

A spokesman for some random and unimportant society told WalesOnCraic:

“This time just over a year ago, we’d only use the word unprecedented sporadically, just here and there. All of a sudden, there was an unprecedented outpouring of the word unprecedented. It was totally unprecedented. People on the news started using it, then people in the street started using it; even people in the pubs that were supposed to be shut started using it. It was so unprecedented. Since then, it’s usage has been totally unprecedented and it’s now been a whole year, which is unprecedented.”

It’s been a tough year for many across the world, and there are fears that the there is now a global shortage of the word.

“If that’s the case, it would be totally unprecedented,” said the spokesman.

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