England open top victory bus tour now downgraded to sight-seeing tour

The planned open top Euro 2016 Victory Tour has been downgraded to a sightseeing tour for tourists.

It follows England’s humiliating defeat to Iceland and subsequent trip back to the UK.

Darren Boakes, organiser of the open-top tour told WalesOnCraic:

“We had the bus booked out and painted out nicely with a big Euro 2016 Winners emblem splashed on the side. Now that our boys have been sent home packing, we’ve had to downgrade the tour to just a tour of London. I’ve got some nice Union Jack flags that people can buy before they become a collector’s item. I’ve also got a lovely line of England football shirts that visitors can take home to use to clean their windows with. It’s not all bad.”

England football fan Andy TripleGunt added:

“We wuz robbed mate. I ain’t going on no fakking bus tour. I’d rather fakking throw a few chairs at people, y’naa I mean pal?”

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