Roofer provides free radio coverage for street by leaving van radio on full blast

A roofer has provided free radio coverage for a South Wales street by leaving his radio on full blast.

Slap & Dash Roofers of Bargoed were working on a house near the town centre and had their radio tuned to Shit FM.

Darren Slap told WalesOnCraic:

“We was up on the roof see and we can’t get no radio coverage up there because of the altitude so the only thing we could do see is leave our van radio on. The problem then is that we can’t hear it because we are up there and the radio is down there so we had to turn it up to 11. We were there for 7 hours but only managed to fix a few tiles because we had lots of tea breaks.”

Neighbour Janet WideArse said:

“I had to sit through 7 hours of Shit FM. The music they played could only be described as noise and every ten minutes, there was that annoying advert for the Trade Centre Wales. If I find that Trevor fella, I’m going to beat the twat to within an inch of his life.”

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