England football bosses approach temping agency to find new manager

Bosses at the Football Association have approached a temping agency to find their next manager.

Based on recent events, officials are not expecting any new manager to stay in the job more than three months.

A spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“At first, we were thinking of having a guest manager for each game but then we realised that we didn’t know more than two people who could do the job. In the end, we’ve decided to turn to the professionals in short-term employment, which means that they can do all the hiring and firing too. Our rep is going to head down the pub tonight to see if he knows if any of his mates know of anyone who’d want the job. If he can’t find anyone down there, he’s said that he’ll put an advert in the local paper as we know that advertising works.”

Football fan Dennis ‘Enger-land’ Turnip said:

“Obviously the lads went out there today and obviously, they gave it 110% etc etc.”

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