Tightarse father buys family jumpers to avoid putting heating on

A tightarse father has bought his family a set of jumpers to avoid having to put the heating on.

Gary Nobhead has held off putting his heating on since January.

His wife Wendy told WalesOnCraic:

“Summer was ok but now that it’s getting cold, we’re starting to feel the pressure of Gary’s ‘no heating’ policy. He thinks he’s done the right thing by buying us all a load of jumpers but he’s gone and bought us shitty Christmas ones and it’s not even Christmas yet. I’m going to look a right twat when we have guests.”

Gary said:

“Do you know how much I pay for that heating? And even when it’s on, they’ve got windows and doors open. I’ve got them their own jumpers to act as their own personal insulation devices.”

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