Eddie Jones accuses Wales of ‘illegal scrumping’

England rugby coach Eddie Jones has accused Welsh players of illegal scrumping.

The coach said he was upset that some of the Welsh players had been stealing apples from local orchards throughout the Six Nations campaign.

He said:

“Wales have been scrumping illegally for a long time now. They keep getting away with it. The referee can’t keep pinging them because he’ll come across as the one killing the game yet it’s the players scrumping illegally that are doing that. What we are asking for is a game where players can pick apples legally and under supervision. The world will suffer a catastrophic apple shortage if they carry on like this.”

But Wales scrum coach Robin ‘Tractor’ McBryde fired back saying:

“We have never taken any apples illegally throughout any of our matches. Eddie Jones can’t go around accusing us of illegal scrumping without backing it up with any relevant CCTV footage.”

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