Welsh pigs launch new Gog roast business

A group of pigs from Wales has launched the world’s first Gog roast business.

The pigs, from a farm in West Wales, decided on the idea after getting fed up of being skewered and having bits hacked off them and then eaten by humans.

The first little pig told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve set up a farm here where we will farm Gogs on an industrial scale. We’ve got everything they need here – S4C, some postcards from Fling and we’ve even got some tourists from Liverpool who pop in now and then. Gog meat is so delicious because of all the raw giblets they eat up there.”

The second little pig said:

“We’re sick of seeing our mates being having a steel bar rammed up their arses and then being put out for people to pick at. Hopefully, we can redress some of the balance here. We have a few orders for the Easter season and we are looking to fill our order books by the summer.”

The third little pig said:

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” all the way home.

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