Welsh Council managers to get dedicated parking spaces at dogging sites

Council managers in Wales are set to get dedicated parking spaces at dogging sites.

The news comes as Councils review their spending budgets ahead of the new financial year.

Gwyn Grunt, head of the Association for Welsh Councils, told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been looking to make some savings across the board and we’ve done this by closing down some of the libraries and other community-based projects to do that. We find ourselves now in the situation where we can either build more bus lanes or spend it on ourselves and to be quite frank, I think we deserve a bit of a pat on the back. We have therefore decided to purchase some dedicated parking spaces at Wales’s top dogging sites. A few of the old boys like to head up there in their 2003 Jags and we thought it’d be nice for them to have their own spaces.”

One council manager said:

“I likes to go up to the woods because I don’t get any action at home and having a parking space means I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a spot.”

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