Drying paint watches Scotland v England

A wall of drying paint has spent Friday evening watching Scotland take on England at this year’s Euros.

Both sides will be looking to take one major positive from the game – namely that it’s over.

The wall told WalesOnCraic:

“And I thought I was boring. I thought I had the game on pause for half an hour before I realised that the first half was nearly over. I always thought that a Scotland/England game would get the blood boiling but the only thing boiling in this house was the painter’s kettle.”

With one win under their belt, England are now certain to win this year’s tournament. Scotland meanwhile, having lost their first game against the Czechs, now find themselves with a small mountain to climb.

England manager Bobby Robson told the press:

“Obviously, the lads gave it 100% and all credit to the Scottish, we knew that they were going to be tough and I told the lads at half time just to go out there and enjoy themselves and obviously we’ll take the positives to the game, the main one being that it’s over.”

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