Driving instructors take learner drivers out in rush hour ‘for a laugh’


Driving instructors have admitted for the first time that they like taking learner drivers out in rush hour ‘for a laugh’.

Learner drivers are a common sight during rush hour traffic, hesitating at roundabouts and stalling at junctions and cocking up everyone’s day.

Driving instructor Dennis FlatArse told WalesOnCraic:

“As you can imagine, being a driving instructor is a boring job. We like to liven things up by chucking some spotty 17 year old kid behind the wheel of a Ford Focus during rush hour. Oh how we laugh when they stall at a green traffic light. I’ve got two rear view mirrors, just so I can see how angry the people in the car behind get. I can almost feel the steam coming out of their ears.”

Another instructor said:

“We meet up after the rush hour has subsided so that we can swap stories and that. We’ve all changed our first names to something with the letter ‘L’ in it so that we can put it in capitals, colour it red and make it look like a learner sign within our name. We’re really clever like that.”

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