Welsh woman’s Facebook comment about Friends Reunited sparks internet rumours of a Friends reunion

A casual post by a Welsh Facebook user about website Friends Reunited has sparked a global internet rumour that the cast of Friends are reuniting for another 2 hour long episode.

Brenda Fivebellies posted a comment on her Facebook profile last night, commenting that she’d spent two hours on Friends Reunited. Her thick-as-shit friends went into meltdown, thinking that the cast of the popular American shit-com Friends were getting together for a special episode.

Brenda told WalesOnCraic:

“I know my friends were thick as shit but I really didn’t think that they were illiterate too. Since I posted the comment, I’ve been inundated by the media thinking that I have inside information on a possible reunion of the Friends cast. I’ve had the paparazzi camped outside my house all night – I couldn’t get a wink’s sleep and it’s a big day today because I’m getting my feet done.”

Friends Reunited was a pre-Facebook website where you could check out former partners to see how fat and bald they had become since leaving school

Brenda is now staying at a friend’s house in Merthyr and watching Loose Women.

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