Dog owners to have their dog’s poop posted to them if they don’t pick it up

Dog owners across Wales have been warned to clean up after their dog or face the consequences.

They’ve been told to either pick up their dog’s turds, or have them forwarded to them by post.

Alan Jobbie, head of the Welsh Assembly’s Dog Turd Task Force said:

“People are sick of seeing dogs crapping all over the place and the owners walking on past as if nothing has happened. We’ve built a team who can go out into the parks with turd collectors and they’ll pick up all of the dog turds they see. We’ll then take them back to our newly-built lab where we can figure out which turd belongs to which dog. We’ll cross-reference this with our extensive database to locate the owner. We’ll then package the turd up in an envelope and post it to them for disposal.”

One dog owner said:

“I like to leave my dogs to crap wherever they want. It’s what they would have done in nature so why should I go around picking up their crap? They don’t come round after me picking up mine.”

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