Woman eats 15 burgers a day to nourish her big bones

A woman from Treorchy claims that her 15-burgers-a-day habit is necessary to maintain her big bones.

Amanda Undergunt says that without the high calorie diet, her bones would simply lose their shape.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“My mam always told me that I was big-boned and bones need a lot of nutrition so I gets myself down to Iceland every day to pick up a shitload of burgers. I add cheese to each one to give me calcium and I also add a gherkin because I need my vegetables too. Maintaining my big bones needs a lot of dedication so it’s imperative that I maintain a high calorie intake. I have a glass of Diet Coke with each one because I don’t want to put on too much weight.”

Amanda’s husband Richard said:

“She’s just a lazy bint. I’m the one that goes to Iceland every day for her. I do like her on the larger side to be honest because it gives me more to hold on to when I’m going rodeo with her.”

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