93% Wales putting their Christmas trees up on 6th November

A staggering 93% of Welsh households are planning on putting up their Christmas trees on November 6th.

People have said that 2023 has been such a shit year that they have to have something to cheer themselves up with.

One participant of the survey told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s been so shit hasn’t it? I couldn’t even celebrate Halloween properly. Usually, my wife gets her massive pumpkins out for all the street to see but she couldn’t do that this year because she’s got a bardie leg. We couldn’t even celebrate the horrific execution of a 17th-century conspirator on Bonfire Night so now that that’s out of the way, I’ll be getting the bastard Christmas tree up even if it kills me. The wife says that she’s got nothing to look forward to so if I can put a smile on her face, it’s likely I’ll earn some brownie points and maybe a hand job.”

Authorities have relaxed the law on putting up Christmas trees early this year.

A spokeswoman from the Welsh Assembly said:

“Ah fack it. You do what you want.”

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