Cat found wandering streets of Cardiff turns out to be Mr Bronson’s toupée

A cat that was found wandering the streets of Cardiff has turned out to be the toupée of a Grange Hill character.

Residents of Splott thought that they had found a lost cat but one beady-eyed resident recognised the hairpiece from his childhood.

Carl GnarlyToes said:

“I was on my way home from a night out in town when I saw a woman bending down and talking to something on the floor. She was trying to feed it bits of chicken but it was having none of it. I was still a bit merry at this point but I thought I could help. I crouched down to see what looked like a ginger cat hiding underneath a car. Me and this woman spent a good hour trying to tempt it out with bits of chicken but it wasn’t moving. In the end, I thought I’d reach under and pull it out. We had a bit of a shock when we realised that it wasn’t a cat after all – it was a toupée. We laughed and laughed and then we stopped because I realised that I had Mr Bronson’s wig in my hand.”

Carl said that he immediately became fearful for his life:

“Mr Bronson will whip my arse if I don’t get it back. And please don’t put my name in your news report will you? Thanks.”

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