Cardiff’s Grumpy Fucker Coffee Shop is hiring

The world-famous Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop has advertised for a new General Dogsbody.

Cardiff’s famous coffee shop is looking to hire someone who they can ‘pay as little as possible’.

Manager Clive Grimgrits told WalesOnCraic:

“Our Cardiff shop is known all over the world. We get arseholes in here from all corners of the globe but sadly our regular dogsbody Glenda has had to pack her job in because she can earn more money sitting at home claiming benefits. This leaves our team very much understaffed so we need some shit-for-brains to come in and do all the things that we don’t want to do like speak to the public and clean the toilets.

“The new position isn’t guaranteed although at the moment it is full-time thanks to Glenda. We will be looking to pay as little as possible and you’ll also be expected to handle media requests because we don’t know what they are. You may also be required to do our accounts and other legal requirements.”

Applicants can apply for the job here.

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