Cardiff No-Car Day causes gridlock


Cardiff’s No-Car Day has caused gridlock across the capital.

Experts say that cars have been backed up ‘quite far’ as motorists attempted to get to the event.

One eye-witness said:

“It looked a good idea so we threw the kids in the car and told them that we were going to experience Cardiff like you wouldn’t normally experience it – without cars. So we all piled in and as soon as we got near to the city centre, you could see the cars backed up. I’m pretty sure that you could have seen the queues from space but don’t quote me on that because I’m not in space and can’t verify that.”

Planners say that roads across the city have been shut off to all traffic, except for cyclists, who are exempt from the Highway Code.

A spokesman said:

“We were expecting millions to turn up but they can’t get in because we’ve shut all the roads off so we’ll try again next year.”

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