Jeremy Kyle seeking sales assistant position in Trago Mills

Former TV star Jeremy Kyle is reportedly seeking a job at Trago Mills.

The store’s recruitment department received an application for a sales assistant post earlier this week.

A spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“We can confirm that we have received an application form from Mr Kyle for one of our sales assistant posts. We can also confirm that Mr Kyle will be subject to a lie detector test about his previous roles, and this will be broadcast on national television. Furthermore, Mr Vile will be subject to incessant ranting from one of our holier-than-thou members of staff and this will also be broadcast on national television. Should he fail the lie detector test, Mr Kyle will be subject to verbal abuse from our customers.”

Mr Kyle was unavailable for comment but one member of the show’s staff said that he was last seen prowling a local Council estate, looking for someone to give him a job.

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