Cardiff Cat Writes Award-Winning Welsh-Language Poem – By Walking Up and Down Owner’s Keyboard

A Cardiff cat has written an award-winning Welsh language poem by walking across its owner’s computer keyboard.

6 month old Tiddles, from Splott, wrote his poem ‘Gfwecfricn’ while owner Barbara Malley was attempting to finish some college work. His unusual style caught the attention of a Welsh language poetry competition and was duly awarded the winner.

Owner Barbara told WalesOnCraic:

“I was trying to finish off an essay when this silly twat came looking for attention and started walking up and down my keyboard. What he came up with, I entered into a competition for a laugh – and the silly bugger went and won it!”

Competition judges told WalesOnCraic:

“His work emphasised his depth of illusion, at once intertwined with fate and circumstance; a pastiche of the post-modern world, marked by a conscious desire to bring together the intellectual, the aesthetic, and the emotional in a way that both honours the past and acknowledges the present.”

What Do You Think? Here’s His Poem In Full


Rfnjgnawfnnfcfeih fghd fbgf d fkgnfwa asksfl
Hjdjdbarf thfgjg gfhfanasfnsd fnajassadf;awflasanfan
Mgjgw weofjanfladdfnf gfjjawa fhwahwo32;pwqad
Rnfna sawodcwq2ppsp’hypkhvb

Bfkwdkd ktghtuit5 hfhdvb dsnf,mvflk
Lghdk kerv dkrng Whiskas and Kitekat gfkreikekiwma
Qfgsjgn fkg fkdoe gkrorjf fg
Ifvfn fhndjaqols fwnaf cnfgng

Wffnwnscksn fhwshakcfa askfg
Hsdfcn sjada ahfekle
Jnansifad dhf asjdf ajielfilaasdh


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