Welsh Telecom Giant To Launch daiPhone 6

Wales telephone giant Nokio are set to launch their new phone, the daiPhone 6, at a glittering presentation at Pontypridd Market tomorrow.

The daiPhone 6 boasts new features such as buttons and includes an extending aerial to pick up the Owen Money Show on Radio Wales on Saturday mornings.

Nokio boss Glynmor Square-eyes, told WalesOnCraic:

“We are delighted to be announcing the arrival of the daiPhone 6. We’re very excited at having actual buttons on this one as the other ones didn’t and they were shit. We’ve also managed to shrink this new phone so it should now be able to slip into your large handbag or small suitcase no problem.”

The daiPhone 6 is the latest in a range of phone that include the daiPhone 1, the daiPhone 2, the daiPhone 3, the daiPhone 4 and the daiPhone 5. All phones come with a lovely plastic bag to carry it home in.

“We’ll be down Ponty Market very early and we’re hoping that we’re all sold out by 11 so that we can go home and watch Loose Women.”

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