Essex family spend day in Pencoed thinking it was Pensycnor Wildlife Park


A family from Essex have spent the day in Pencoed, thinking it was Penscynor Wildlife Park, which closed in 1998.

Thicko chav dad Charlie Smithy and his family of five thought they were spending the day at the former Welsh safari park, which at its peak, brought 200,000 yearly visitors through its doors.

Smithy told WalesOnCraic:

“We used to go there as kids. I knew it was off the M4 somewhere and that it began with the word ‘Pen’. So we pulled off at this place when we saw some wildlife. We went to see the Monument, the shopping centre and the local Pencoed Miners’ Welfare Hall. After lunch, we headed to Earlswood Parc to see the new Westbury homes built there.

“We were lucky enough to pass the Bocam Business Park too but there was a distinct lack of parrots and there weren’t as many chimps as I remember. It was only when we got home that I realised that we hadn’t gone to Penscynor Wildlife Park at all. We’d been to Pencoed. Oh how we laughed.”

Charlie’s wife Sharon, told WalesOnCraic:

“He’s thick as shit that man but I love him. He’s my very own Clark Griswald.”

The family intend to visit Maesteg next year to see the local smash-and-grab gangs in action.

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