Campaign to remember December birthdays launched

A campaign to remind society that people have birthdays in December has been launched in Cardiff.

It is traditional to forget that people do have birthdays in December, leaving a portion of society feeling a little left out.

One husband said:

“I totally forgot my wife’s birthday was in December. I was so busy thinking about buying her a Christmas present that it completely slipped my mind. As a result, she’s divorced me for a real man and now I’m living out of a cardboard box. I’m happy to support this campaign.”

Campaigner Jenny FatArse told WalesOnCraic:

“My birthday is just before Christmas so I always get overlooked. If I do get given a present, I’m usually told that my present is for my birthday and Christmas. Most of the time, I get totally forgotten so we’ve launched a campaign to remind people that there in fact, lots of birthdays in December.”

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