Husband puts empty toilet roll in bin without prompting


A man in Holywell has put an empty toilet roll holder in the bin – without prompting from his wife.

Larry LardArse finished the roll last night after visiting his downstairs bathroom. His wife Glenda found the empty toilet roll this morning when she went to put her half-eaten takeaway in the bin.

Glenda told WalesOnCraic:

“I really couldn’t believe my eyes. I opened the bin to put last night’s curry in there and there it was – looking at me from deep inside the bin. Normally, Larry leaves the empty toilet roll holder there by the side of the crapper and it’s either there for two weeks or I have to move it myself. I’m so, so proud of him for remembering to take it himself and it just goes to show that if you really try hard enough, you can do the things you thought you couldn’t.”

Larry said that he couldn’t remember taking the toilet roll to the bin and that it may have been a mistake.

“I don’t actually remember taking the toilet roll to the bin but if I did, I’m sorry. I should have left it for my wife to take out like she normally does.”

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