Caerphilly woman makes break for freedom

A woman from Caerphilly has made a desperate dash for freedom by jumping on a No.26 bus to Cardiff.

Thelma Thunderthighs donned a mask and pretend moustache to make the escape but was later picked up by police and returned to Caerphilly.

She later told WalesOnCraic:

“I couldn’t stay in Caerphilly any more. It was doing my nut in mun. I hatched the secert plot when I was watching The Great Escape the other night. I came up with the idea of a mask and a pretend moustache becuase I saw a film once where someone did that. I then went down to get the bus and asked the driver for a one way ticket to Cardiff. It felt so naughty. I could have sworn that everyone was looking at me.

“I got as far as North Road in Cardiff before the police helicopter landed in the middle of the road and stopped the bus. The SAS then jumped onto the bus and dragged me off it and put me in handcuffs and then took me back to my bus stop in Caerphilly and told me to stay there. I couldn’t do that though as it was cold by that point.”

Caerphilly has been under strict lockdown since Wales boss Mark Drakeford said so a few days ago.

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