Ugly people welcome new Welsh mandatory mask rule

Ugly people across Wales have expressed their relief at the new mandatory Welsh mask rule.

The new law will allow ugly people to visit the shops without putting anyone off their dinner.

A spokesman for the Welsh Assembly government told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve not taken this decision lightly but having looked at the data, we cannot afford to let ugly people out in public any more. They are putting people off their food and generally making people feel unwell. We have introduced this new law to make life easier on all of us.”

Not everyone is happy with the new law. Shopped Kenny Undergunt said:

“I will refuse to wear my mask. If people can’t handle my ugliness, then that’s their problem. I can’t help what I look like and my Mum always told me that I shouldn’t care what people think. So I’m not going to wear my mask from now on.”

First Minister Mark Drakeford made the new mask announcement from his bed this morning.

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