Boris to start new career in Greggs

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to start a new career in Greggs.

The messy-haired toff is expected to start his initial training next week at the Tonypandy branch of the bakers.

A spokeswoman for Downing Street told WalesOnCraic:

“It has been a pleasure for Mr Johnson to serve us as Prime Minister for the last few years. But we feel now that it’s time that he should move on into other areas so we’ve set him up with a job at Greggs. The people of Tonypandy can look forward to the jovial japer serving up steak bakes and sausage rolls in their village. Given Mr Johnson’s reputation, shoppers will need to check their change however.”

Boris was forced out of Government by a series of mass resignations, including his own.

Mr Johnson will be till-trained in his first week, where he will also learn about customer care.

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