Welsh Nationalists seek to ban ‘foreign rain coming over here and getting us all wet and that’

Welsh nationalist group and street defence organisation Wales First want to ban ‘foreign rain coming over here and getting us all wet and that’.

Leader Siân ap Iolo, commonly known as Genghis Siân, has exclusively told WalesOnCraic that she wants to ban foreign rain once and for all.

She said:

“I’m sick to death of opening my Forever Friends curtains every morning and seeing the same old foreign shit coming down the valley to my house. This rain does not belong here, and it is certainly not created here. If we want our own rain, we’ll jolly well make our own rain. This Welsh Assembly Government has done jack shit about this problem, and I want to be voted President of Wales so that I can sort this shit out.”

The recent rain has drifted in to Wales from the Atlantic.

Genghis Siân added:

“Who needs this Atlantic rain? Why don’t the people of Atlantic keep it in their own country? Where’s Mark Drakeford in all of this? That’s right – down at CostCo getting himself some discounted garden fencing. This country needs a real leader like me.”

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