50ft Superted statue planned for Barry Island

Plans have been unveiled today for a 50ft statue of Superted at Barry Island.

The giant replica of the Welsh superhero would overlook the seafront and would be seen as far away as Aberystwyth.

A spokesman for the local council told WalesOnCraic:

“Everyone loves a bit of Superted and it’s only right that he is remembered here in the hometown of his creator Mike Young. We’re going to build the biggest Superted the world has ever seen and he will look proudly out over Whitmore Bay to the nuclear power station across the channel. Visitors will be able to climb up inside Superted so that they can see the great views and there will also be a Superted museum next door where we can sell lots of merchandise to pay for the potholes in our local roads.”

Local resident Peter Pinkflaps said:

“I think it’s a great idea. Superted will be able to look out for me in case Texas Pete comes looking for trouble.”

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